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Uchee Indians History:

The Uchee Indians were the south's most mysterious Indians and spoke of themselves as being "Children of the Sun". But other Indians, unwilling to accept this claim of divine ancestry, called them merely the Uchee, which means "faraway people". Uchee was only one of the many names by which these Indians were known. That is why they are such a mystery. Tribes of these people lived in Tennessee, South Carolina, and Northern Georgia. Uchees were ancient inhabitants of Georgia and very intelligent. A new settlement of the tribe was established along the Savannah River in the early 1700's. The Lower Uchee Trail, as it was called, was an east-west Indian route. It led from Old Town on the Ogeechee River to the Oconee River at Carr's Shoals, above Dublin, and continued across Turkey Creek through Cochran (in the vicinity of what is presently known as the Dublin Highway and approximately 300 yards northwest of No. 8 fairway) on to the crossing of the Ocmulgee River at Hartford, Georgia, near Hawkinsville, thence via Montezuma and Intuchuculgue to Uchee town on the Chattahoochee River in Russell County, Alabama.

Uchee Trail Country Club History:

Bleckley Recreation Association doing business as Uchee Trail Country Club is a public club and a non-profit corporation registered and incorporated under the laws of Georgia. The club was started in 1966 when a group of Bleckley County citizens interested in having a golf course and other recreational facilities began making plans. Several sites were inspected and after much debate, the present 110 acre tract of growing pines was purchased in 1967. Construction began in 1968 and the facilities were completed and the golf course opened in 1969.

Uchee Trail Country Club General Manager:

Ron Barrs

Uchee Trail Country Club Superintendent:

Mark Passmore

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